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Approximately 45 minutes away from Boca Grande is the Venice Theatre

Venice Theatre, located in the heart of downtown Venice, has been a hub of cultural entertainment, education, and outreach since 1950. As the largest community theatre in the United States per capita, Venice Theatre has gained recognition for its award-winning productions and diverse programming that caters to audiences of all ages and interests. Whether you're a fan of musicals, comedies, dramas, or cutting-edge contemporary performances, there's always something exciting happening on stage at Venice Theatre.

A Variety of Productions for All Audiences

Venice Theatre offers a dynamic lineup of shows each season, ensuring that there's something to captivate every theatergoer. From cabarets to full-scale musicals, there's a wide range of productions that showcase the incredible talent of the performers and production teams. Let's take a closer look at some of the upcoming shows that you won't want to miss:

1. Golf With Alan Shepard

Kick off the season with an entertaining and sardonically humorous play by Carter W. Lewis. Golf With Alan Shepard takes a lighthearted look at a group of grumpy old men embarking on a round of golf, filled with questions, fears, loves, and even an out-of-this-world character who hit the longest golf shot in history. Prepare for a delightful performance from August 25 to September 10.

2. The Addams Family

Based on the beloved comic strip by Charles Addams, The Addams Family is a musical that brings the eccentric and lovable characters to life. Join Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Lurch in this hilarious and heartwarming show filled with catchy music and spooky fun. Performances run from October 13 to November 12.

3. A Christmas Carol

Experience the joy and magic of the holiday season with Venice Theatre's musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol. This timeless tale by Charles Dickens follows the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge as he learns the true meaning of Christmas. With intergenerational veterans and new cast members, this production promises to be a heartwarming experience for the whole family. Don't miss it from December 1 to 20.

4. Jimmy Buffett's Escape to Margaritaville

If you're in need of a tropical escape, look no further than Jimmy Buffett's Escape to Margaritaville. This popular musical features an array of Jimmy Buffett's greatest hits and guarantees to transport you to a place where it's always 5 o'clock somewhere. Get ready to change your attitude and latitude from January 19 to February 18.

5. The 30th Annual Silver Foxes Show: Broadway by the Sea

Prepare to be entertained by the youngest cast in town as they showcase their singing, dancing, and ribald humor in the 30th edition of the Silver Foxes Show. This unique performance celebrates the talent and spirit of mature performers, proving that age is no barrier to creativity. Catch the show from February 27 to March 3.

6. The Spitfire Grill

Immerse yourself in a heartwarming folk musical, The Spitfire Grill. Based on the film by Lee David Zlotoff, this Rodgers and Hammerstein-inspired production tells a story of second chances, starting over, and finding hope in unexpected places. Experience the uplifting performance from March 22 to April 21.

7. Pinky's Players

Delight in the inspiring performances of Pinky's Players, Venice Theatre's Community Engagement Program. This program provides adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to develop and showcase their artistic talents. Witness their incredible talent from May 3 to 5.

Venice Theatre's Commitment to Excellence

At Venice Theatre, the commitment to excellence extends beyond the stage. The theater's mission is to make a dramatic impact on all stages of life, celebrating and nurturing creative expression, fostering human communication and understanding, and delighting and challenging audiences through high-quality theatre and performing arts experiences.

To achieve this mission, Venice Theatre focuses on several key areas:

  1. Producing Outstanding Shows: Venice Theatre strives for excellence in every performance, ensuring that each show is a memorable experience for the audience.

  2. Hands-On Learning Experiences: The theater provides opportunities for children, adults, and seniors to engage in hands-on learning experiences in all aspects of theatre, fostering a love for the performing arts.

  3. Celebrating Achievements: Venice Theatre recognizes and celebrates the achievements of its dedicated volunteers and staff, who contribute their time and talent to create exceptional productions.

  4. Value for Supporters: The theater is committed to providing value for its supporters, ensuring that their contributions have a meaningful impact on the vibrant arts community.

  5. Collaboration with Community Theatres: Venice Theatre actively collaborates with other community theatres in the state, region, and nation, fostering mutual assistance and celebration within the theatre community.

Vision for the Future

Venice Theatre has a clear vision for the future, aiming to be a leader in community theatre. The theater's vision is evidenced by:

  • Consistently sold-out performances, demonstrating the demand and excitement for its shows.

  • Annual growth in contributed dollars, reflecting the community's support for the arts.

  • Financial stability, with the theater ending each year in the black and building a growing endowment to secure its future.

  • A passionately-committed Board of Directors, setting goals, evaluating effectiveness, and continuously driving progress.

  • Eager and talented volunteers and students of all ages, growing in skills and numbers, and contributing to the theater's success.

  • A dedicated and nurturing staff, seeking growth opportunities and fostering a supportive environment for volunteers and students.

  • Facilities that provide comfortable, accessible, and safe spaces for all activities.

  • Utilization of technology to enhance creativity in production and ensure efficient management.

  • An excellent reputation locally, regionally, and nationally, recognized for the outstanding quality of Venice Theatre's work.

Plan Your Visit to Venice Theatre Venice Theatre offers a wide range of subscription packages for theater enthusiasts to enjoy the upcoming season. Whether you're a regular theatergoer or new to the performing arts, these packages provide the opportunity to experience the diverse productions at Venice Theatre. To secure your tickets, you can visit or call the box office at (941) 488-1115.

Please note that the box office is currently not open for walk-up business, so it is recommended to purchase tickets online or through the phone. Additionally, if you're interested in becoming part of the talented cast and crew, audition dates for all shows are also available at

Conclusion Venice Theatre is a vibrant cultural institution that brings the magic of live performance to the heart of downtown Venice. With a rich history dating back to 1950, the theater continues to captivate audiences with its exceptional productions and commitment to excellence. Whether you're a fan of classic musicals, thought-provoking dramas, or hilarious comedies, Venice Theatre offers a diverse range of shows that cater to all tastes and ages.

Experience the thrill of live performance and immerse yourself in the world of theatre at Venice Theatre. From the moment the curtain rises to the final bow, you'll be transported to a world of creativity, emotion, and entertainment. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary cultural experience in beautiful Venice, Florida.

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